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Covert Robin 1 & 2

Hi Everyone! Thanks to my awesome friend Jennet from

I found out about an awesome “Covert Robin” Swap. In this kind of swap you are assigned a random partner, and then make them something handmade, and in return they make something for you in return. Well, through only my own fault I somehow managed to sign up not once for such awesomeness but twice! So…for BOTH of my partners I sent them these:


Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies!! I added some fun Spring/Easter stuff to the packages too. I was happy that both my recipients LOVED the cookies.

Upon returning from 10 days in warm, sunny, FL I came home to find one of my covert robin packages awaiting me…As I eagerly tore open the box, this is what I found…


A GORGEOUS Spa Wrap! Could be used after a shower, but I will probably use it after my pool classes, to stay warm. I also got some bobbin babies (that I’ll pass along to my Mom since I don’t have a machine) and some hand made face clothes (that I think my toddler already claimed, since I can’t locate them anywhere for a picture!!) Thank You again Melle!! at:

Then TODAY, after a long, tiresome morning, the post man brought ANOTHER awesome box to me….and HERE is what was inside!!


This is just STUNNING, it’s a Cathedral Window pillow. Thank You Leslie!!! I cannot WAIT to use it for my often- too frequent- much needed afternoon naps! What a GREAT Convert Robin!!!