Tye Dye Cake 101

So my friend’s daughter asked for a Tye Dye cake for her upcoming 12th Birthday…so my friend asked me if I knew how to Tye Dye a cake…well I have Tye Dyed the inside before, but never the frosting…so here are some steps if you want to make a tye dye cake…

Start with separating a white cake mix into 6 different bowls.


Then add in the coloring/and stir it up…


Flour (2) Round cake pans…


Then pour in some of the batter into each pan, like this..(left picture).and then swirl it all around like this…(right picture)


Then you will have two swirled/ready to bake cakes…


Then you bake them as directed…


Then you put frosting between the layers/and put the layers together/and more white frosting…


Then use edible color gel to make circles of the rainbow (think ROYGBIV) Starting on the inside/and working your way out to the edge…


Always make sure you have plenty of help in the kitchen (before you start), so here is my Sou Chef…Henry…


Then use a food save paint brush to start by blending the colors, pulling out from the center toward the next color, wiping/washing your brush between each color or so…


Then continue to work along until you’ve done all the colors, finally brush the whole cake gently from the center out to the edge for the full effect…


There you have it….fun to do!!


2 responses to “Tye Dye Cake 101”

  1. Toni Campitiello Smith says :

    Thanks for sharing Holly! This came out great!

  2. featheredneststudio says :

    Cool idea! This would be fun for a summer party.

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