Snowman “Cup” Craft

So I saw this idea on Pintrest. First get some blue construction paper. Then get (3) circular containers (of varying sizes), and a plate of white paint.


Dip the tops of the container in white paint, and press onto the paper (in a snowman pattern) large on the bottom, middle size in the middle, and small on top..(or how ever you want it).


Then cut out hats, and glue on. (We made scarves, and our son added a sled, and some Google eyes, and noses). Since our son really likes to paint, so I let him add some “snow” with his finger prints on his pictures. Here’s our end results 😀


He was so proud of his final works 😀




2 responses to “Snowman “Cup” Craft”

  1. Deb Cozzy says :

    Nice Job Henry and Mommy!! I think its worth framing!!

  2. featheredneststudio says :

    This looks fun! We’ll have to try this.

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