Santa Salt Dough Hand Ornaments

I saw this great idea online…

First you would make some salt dough:

1/2 cup Salt

1/2 cup Flour

1/4 cup Water

Knead it all together until it forms a dough.

Roll it out and help your little one press their hands into it, making a deep indentation in the dough.


Next carefully with a knife cut around the hand print (leaving a border).


Before you bake use a drinking straw to poke holes in the top of each hand print, (the bottom of the hand print/not the finger part, like so..

Next bake at 200’F for 3 hours. (put directly on the oven rack, as this will allow the under side to bake equally.Image

Let them cool for a long time, and then you can paint them. After you finish painting them, let them dry again, and coat with Modge Podge or a sealing spray. Let them dry again, and then attach a ribbon or something as the hanger (we used a pipecleaner).


Next you can hang one on your tree, and wrap the rest up for the Grandparents, God parents, friends, etc. Enjoy! Merry Christmas!!!




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