Mug Swap Complete!

So I recently joined a mug swap that was put together by a fellow blogger,

Here is a picture of the mug that I mailed all the way to Nebraska.


I hadn’t sewed in awhile so I decided to make these adorable coasters (since the fellow mug swap partner told me she liked owls). I also saw this cute coffee themed change purse at a recent craft fair, so I put that in as well. I included some caramel creme cocoa inside the cup. She said she liked inspirational sayings so I got her some napkins for her Thanksgiving get together that say, “Be Thankful, for the Little Things in Life.” Also, since I track Where’s George Dollars via the web, I included a $1 bill inside the change purse and a lucky penny. I hope she likes it!!

** Today a package arrived from the great state of Nebraska and this is the mug that she sent me!!Image

I love it, as I love green, and I love the outdoors, and I love cocoa, she hit it spot on. Thanks Joelle!!



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